The WB was a network almost entirely devoted to skin-care products and the young people who use them. Its original mascot was Michigan J. Frog. After crawling from the primordial sea sea into full-networkhood in the mid-1990s, it lurched around garishly for a time, flailing and gasping, until the arrival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek allowed it to evolve legs and begin to walk.

Having found success with a pair of television shows about highly attractive teenagers, The WB vowed to never again deviate from that lucrative premise. In the years that followed, it churned out series after series in which twentysomething actors of varying talent unconvincingly play high schoolers with really great skin, lots of money, easily surmountable problems that nonetheless require inordinate amounts of brooding, and well-meaning parents who will simply never understand them.

Perhaps by accident, perhaps to compensate for the shame of unleashing the likes of Charmed and 7th Heaven upon an unsuspecting world, the WB occasionally featured good television shows like Gilmore Girls.

The WB merged with UPN to form The CW in fall 2006. Network executives insist that the subsequent global plague of locusts as "entirely unrelated," even though numerous farmers reported seeing the face of Rory Gilmore carved into their fields in the wake of the insects' terrible rampage.

Notable ShowsEdit