Walker, Texas Ranger was a popular CBS drama series that starred Chuck Norris as a wandering chef who brought order, justice, and a delightful tomato bisque to the lawless wilds of Texas. With little more than his deadly hands, his father's set of pearl-handled cast-iron cookware, and his portable propane range, Walker battled an assortment of oddly identical evil hillbillies, evil rednecks, evil foreigners, and evil food critics on a weekly basis.

Notable episodes include "Barbecue at Bloodshed Gulch" in which Walker must compete in a no-holds-barred grill-off against a biker gang led by guest star Bobby Flay, and "The Miracle Melt," in which Walker prepares a tuna melt so unutterably divine that it cures a young boy (Haley Joel Osment) of AIDS.

Walker, Texas Ranger was inspired by the life and times of the culinary artist of the same designation. Recipes repurposed from the show are a common staple of the most recent incarnation of the Late Night with Conan O'Brien program.

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