Walt Disney is a long-haired hippie who co-founded The Walt Disney Company with Steve Jobs in 1976.

Disney started out as an ordinary man with nothing more than a mouse and a dream. However, when his attempts to launch a traveling act starring his performing mouse Oswald were foiled by the mouse's untimely death, he was left heartbroken. Retreating to a San Fernando commune, he met Steve Jobs, who swiftly recognized that Disney's creative talents extended far beyond mice in tiny top hats doing backflips on command.

Retreating to their respective parents' garages, the two budding entrepeneurs set to work combining Jobs' technical wizardry and Disney's mastery of humor and character to create Tron, the first computer-animated feature film. It was the first in a string of box-office successes that swiftly propelled Disney and Eisner to the heights of Hollywood fame and fortune. (Jobs incorporated the company under Disney's name for tax purposes.)

Tragically, Disney's rising star was cut short by an accident in 1984, after his car's brakes malfunctioned on the Pacific Coast Highway while driving home from the premiere of the worldwide blockbuster The Shaggy D.A. Goes Bananas. Jobs was in San Francisco at the time, in a meeting with investors who will all testify to that effect in a court of law.

Rumors have circulated for years that Disney's head was cryogenically frozen in anticipation of the day when sufficiently advanced technology will permit him to be resurrected as a hideous cyborg. However, the truth of the matter is that Disney was captured by bounty hunters in 1985 and frozen in carbonite. He's currently hanging in the study of Ted Turner's Wyoming vacation home.