Whedonites are the alarming, often fanatical devotees of writer/director Joss Whedon.

Whedonism is a faith devoted entirely to the interpretation and worship of Whedon's various televised works and their assorted merchandising spinoffs. Whedonites are fierce and terrible in their belief, and have been known to profoundly annoy and harangue any critic, writer, or network executive who fails to lavish what they deem a sufficient level of praise and adoration upon their demigod's undertakings. They will buy just about anything with a sufficiently strong connection to their lord and master, a fact that savvy marketers have exploited in shameful fashion, and to great success.

The faith has undergone a schism in recent years. The traditional Buffistas interpret Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its quasi-canonical spinoff Angel as the only true gospels of Whedonism, while the more heretical Browncoat faction draws the majority of its teachings from Whedon's space Western Firefly. Unconfirmed reports suggest the existence of another, ultra-orthodox branch of Whedonism, whose adherents believe that there is no truth beyond the pages of Whedon's screenplays for Speed, Toy Story, and Alien: Resurrection.

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