Who's the Boss was a reality TV series starring rock star Bruce Springsteen as he went undercover as a housekeeper in a Connecticut home.

The weekly series chronicled desperate souls calling upon Springsteen to use his mighty powers to save the day or perhaps a small animal. Not wanting to blow his cover, Springsteen assumed the secret identity of "The Boss." Each episode ended with the saved individual wondering who the Boss was.

A young Max Weinberg starred as Springsteen's trusty sidekick before later moving on to his acclaimed role on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

In 1984, ABC took the concept and turned it into a sitcom starring Tony Danza as Springsteen and Judith Light as his employer. Aside from some awkward moments featuring a blossoming Alyssa Milano, audiences were unhappy with this unrealistic depiction of Springsteen's life and it was quickly cancelled.

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