Woodstock was a promotional concert held by The Beatles to drum up support for their TV show. The show's producers sent out invitations to every well-known musician of the day to appear at the concert, which was held during the Summer of Love at an interstate rest stop in rural Kansas. Unfortunately, few artists and fewer music fans showed up at Woodstock, and most simply wanted directions to San Francisco. An investigation by NBC executives found that someone had misinterpreted the meaning of "free concert." Instead of offering free tickets for the show, they had instead asked artists to perform for free, while charging a then unheard of $20 per ticket to customers. NBC was forced to fire a few writers and swallow a huge monetary loss. Cartoonist Charles Schulz would later go on to document the entire sad episode for a series of television cartoons sponsored by President Dolly Madison.

A revival of Woodstock, "Woodstock '99", aired on MTV during the summer of 1999. Woodstock '99 was much more successful, as organizers asked each performer to set something on fire during their set.

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